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Food: Shrimp and Grits

There are chefs who know how to prepare good shrimp and grits throughout the South. But you can't go wrong sampling them in their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. Uploaded by farm3.static.flickr.com.

This is a low country favorite, the low country consisting of Charleston, South Carolina (Great American Things, June 7, 2009) and its environs. It unites two Southern favorites in one creamy and succulent dish.

For the ultimate experience, the shrimp should be a little on the spicy side. And the grits have to be the real, stone ground variety. They take longer to prepare, but no self-respecting Southerner would make this dish with instant grits. No suh!

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Where can you go to enjoy this dish as it was meant to be prepared? You can get good shrimp and grits all the way from the Blue Moon Beach Grill in Nags Head down to Dante’s Kitchen in New Orleans. But why not go to the source? Several Charleston establishments serve their own distinctive versions, and you could easily spend a week going eatery to eatery to make your own selection. But here are some favored by locals: Hominy Grill (Rutledge St.), Slightly North of Broad (E. Bay St.), Jestine’s Kitchen (Meeting St.), and 82 Queen (Queen St.).