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Food: McDonald’s French Fries

Anything eaten to excess can be bad for you, including french fries. But once in a while, nothing is better than properly cooked McDonald's fries. Uploaded to Flickr by roboppy.

(Originally posted March 31, 2009)

So I decided to start a new blog devoted to chronicling the little things that are special about America, and I choose McDonald’s fries as my first entry. Am I nuts?

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Fact is, whether you like fast food or not, whether you think it’s a quick and tasty way to eat or a curse on humanity, you have to appreciate this amazing product. When freshly cooked and lightly salted, there’s almost nothing you can eat that compares.

I can still remember enjoying them at the first McDonald’s where I grew up, on W. Mercury Blvd. in Hampton, Virginia. They were, I think, fifteen cents. They’re a bit more now, but they still retain that great flavor, and how many things can you say that for after several decades?