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Food: Best Hamburgers (1)


Where can you find America's best hamburger? There are as many opinions as there are hamburger lovers. But these five restaurants are a start. Uploaded by mobilekitchencompany.com.

As much as I’d like to, I can’t get to every restaurant in the country and make this evaluation myself. But if you go to other countries in the world and ask them what’s the quintessential American food, chances are they’ll say, “Hamburger.” So here’s the first installment of The Best Burger Restaurants in America, with comments by the reviewers. (These are not in order of quality or preference.)

Rouge, Philadelphia

“This 12-ounce hunk of well-seasoned beef comes with nutty Gruyère, caramelized onions, and a haystack of pommes frites. (Rouge is) a bona-fide Parisian café whose signature dish has become that perfectly proportioned combo of juicy beef, cheese, and bun.” Selected by epicurious.com.

Rouge Restaurant, uploaded by philadelphia.grubstreet.com.

Kincaid’s Hamburgers, Fort Worth
“Place your order at the counter for a half-pound, lean-but-juicy grilled chuck burger with all the traditional fixings, plus bacon or chili if you desire. Once your name is called, make sure you use two hands to eat your massive burger.” Selected by wherethelocalseat.com.

Kincaid's Hamburgers. Uploaded by media-cdn.tripadvisor.com.

Dyer’s Burger, Memphis
“Grease is the word at Dyer’s Burger, a Memphis institution since 1912. The pounded-thin, all-beef patties at this café are dunked in a cast-iron skillet of boiling hot vegetable oil. The meat turns crunchy as the fry cook flips it onto a squishy Wonder Bread bun. Selected by travelandleisure.com.

Dyer's Burger. Uploaded by roadfooddigest.com.

Le Tub, Hollywood, Florida

“The Sirloin Burger… is magnificent. It’s slowly seared on an indoor grill, crusty on the outside, juicy inside, always perfectly cooked. At eight to ten ounces, it’s ideal big-burger size, and it’s shaped like a pincushion, with sloping sides, which means you get a nice gradient of doneness.” Selected by GQ.com.

Le Tub. Uploaded by roadfood.com.

Bill’s Hamburgers, Amory, Mississippi
The burgers at Bill’s are unbelievably tasty, beefy, and rich with grease flavor. The mustard, onion, beef, and bun combination is heaven. Cheese is unnecessary, though available and tomato and lettuce are nowhere to be found. If you really need ketchup or mayo, Amy hides packets behind the counter.”
Selected by planeteye.com.

Bill's Hamburgers. Uploaded by media-cdn.tripadvisor.com.