Americana: The Ford F-150


Ford has been selling its F-Series pickup trucks since 1948, and Americans have always loved them. Uploaded by

It came as a surprise to me to learn that the Ford F-150 pickup truck has been America’s best-selling vehicle a total of 24 years. And it came as an even bigger shock to learn that one of those years was 2010 – in the era of high gas prices, that’s a pretty remarkable feat. Ford sold more than 500,000 units last year. To put that in perspective, Chevy sold about 345,000 Silverados, and Dodge sold less than 200,000 Rams.

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Ford introduced its F-Series trucks back in 1948, with such exciting options as a passenger-side wiper, a passenger-side visor, and a windshield washer (operated by a foot pump). Ford is now on its twelfth generation F-150, and creature comforts are now promoted as fervently as payload and towing. Today’s pickup owner wants “seating comfort” and “acoustical quality.”

The respected car-buying website says in its review:

Originally conceived as a rugged, no-frills workhorse, the Ford F-150 has since morphed into a well-appointed ride. Versatility is the goal: This pickup truck can handle the needs of small businesses with the same aplomb it brings to a night on the town. And it isn’t just ranchers and contractors who cherish it: Anyone who needs to tow a boat, haul stuff or transport recreational cargo can take the F-150 to heart.

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