Americana: Vanity License Plates


Vanity plates are used to show support for an organization, a cause, a college, a landmark - or just an opinion. Uploaded by

According to experts, and experts know stuff, there are about 10 million vehicles in the U.S. and Canada sporting personalized license plates. You’ll find a higher percentage in Virginia than anywhere else, followed by New Hampshire, Illinois, and Nevada. As of 2005, these were the only states in which more than ten percent of all vehicles had vanity plates.

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It used to be that you could instantly recognize what state a car was from by its license plates, since they were all standard. No more. Now there are unique plates for organizations, causes, colleges, landmarks, and anything else that can bring extra revenue to a state. It’s all about bringing in extra money, from the state’s point of view. For vehicle owners, it’s a chance to express your creativity.

On a white Ford Explorer: NOT OJ. On a hearse: UR NXT. On a sports car: ICU2COP. On a Volkswagen: EW A BUG. On a Hummer: 1 MPG. On a commuter’s car: DAMN IM L8. On a movie fan’s car: GONE WTW.  What are some of the good ones you’ve seen…or have on your car?

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3 responses to “Americana: Vanity License Plates

  1. An ode to pithiness and 30 bucks to spare

  2. DUDE OR DUDETTE – THAT LICENCE PLATE IS FROM Ontario, which is sorta like the 51st state, but not.

  3. Good catch, Max.

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