Food: Bucket of Chicken


Why sell folks two or three pieces of chicken when you can sell them a dozen or two? Uploaded by

Here’s a fascinating bit of trivia. The famous Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket was invented (if that’s the right word) by Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s. Seems Thomas originally had a KFC franchise, and came up with the idea of the paper bucket as a way to keep the chicken crispy. Thomas also developed the rotating bucket sign that became a KFC icon.

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As I write this, it’s election day. The bucket of chicken holds a special association with elections for me. As a senior in high school, my best friend and I skipped school on election day and worked at the polls. After a chilly day outside, we stopped by Kentucky Fried Chicken and bought a bucket of chicken. We ate heaven only knows how many pieces (we were eighteen years old, remember) and watched our man win the presidency.

I’ve kept that tradition for every presidential election since. And since this off-year election promised to be unusually interesting, I made a trek to KFC for my fix. Of course, it’s not a bucket anymore; I don’t think I could eat that much chicken in a month…


2 responses to “Food: Bucket of Chicken

  1. A true GAT – the bucket o’chicken itself and election night traditions. I love election night traditions, although I haven’t stuck with one myself. One year in the newsroom, one year at the county courthouse, one year at the party of a candidate who had no chance in heck of winning, and many years watching the ticker tape across the bottom of the screen wondering, how can they say it’s so with only 2% of precincts reporting???

  2. I really miss Dave Thomas. I loved watching all his commercials. Had no idea he was so inventive, and had a great heart when it came to children. A great man in my book.

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