Travel: Georgetown

Historic row houses, narrow streets, upscale shopping, great dining, unparalleled people watching. That's Georgetown. Uploaded to Webshots by storliet11.

There are lots of great things to see and do if you make a visit to Washington, DC. You’ll see breathtaking monuments and mind-boggling museums. If you’re lucky, you may get to follow a Congressman down the street as he throws money to the winds. With so much excitement, it’s easy to miss Georgetown, a fashionable and historic neighborhood. But it’s definitely worth a visit.

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The town of Georgetown (isn’t that somewhat redundant?) had been around for a while when the District of Columbia was officially established. Since it existed before Washington, it was the District’s center of commerce and entertainment for many years.

It wasn’t until 1871 that Georgetown was officially assimilated into the city of Washington. Though many families moved to the “newer” sections of town, lots of old families stayed in Georgetown, leading to the gentrified neighborhood it remains to this day. Many famous people in the US Government live in Georgetown, and several countries have their embassies there.

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Follow the row houses and cobblestone streets to a host of excellent restaurants, hotels, inns, and shops that help make any visit to Georgetown more memorable. The area along the Potomac has made a nice transition from abandoned manufacturing to upscale retail. The DC Metro does not have a stop in Georgetown, however, so you’ll have to drive to the area. That’s not hard to negotiate – the area’s main thoroughfares are Wisconsin Avenue and M Street – but parking is another matter…

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