Travel: Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch

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A dude ranch experience isn’t everyone’s idea of a great vacation. But if you love horses, nature, and the West, it could be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life. One of the best destinations is the Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch, located near Yucca in Arizona’s beautiful desert country.

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You can go out on a variety of rides, depending on your interests and experience level. You can swim in the pool, or relax in the hot tub with a view of the Hualapai Mountains. You’ll enjoy three hearty meals each day. And at night, the lodge is the center of activity, with a roaring fire in the fireplace, a pool table, and comfortable chairs and couches. You won’t have a television in your room, but you’ll have a vacation you won’t forget.

You may know the Web site, where ratings are done by regular travelers, not self-appointed experts. The site has 117 reviews of Stagecoach Trails. 114 of them are “Excellent,” the highest level. The other three are “Very Good.” Here are some of the headlines of people’s reviews: “Best Holiday Ever”… “Wow, Best Vacation Ever”… “Highlight of the Year!”… “A little bit of heaven”… “An oasis in the desert”. Read the reviews here. The Ranch’s Web site is here.

I’m a beach person, and my ideal vacation is sitting on a white sandy beach beside turquoise water in the Caribbean. But when I read about Stagecoach Trails, I think I could be lured away from the water. Once. Maybe.

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