Person: Brian Regan

Brian Regan is almost as funny to watch as to hear. Uploaded to Flickr by jeremyhall.

I don’t think everyone knows Brian Regan’s comedy, which is a terrible shame. He’s clean, he’s visually fascinating, and he’s flat-out hilarious.

Brian has been doing stand-up for about 20 years, and that’s all he does. No movies, no screenwriting, no sitcoms. Just stand-up.

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He has that knack that all great comedians have of seeing everyday life from a different perspective. Whether it’s the instructions on a box of Pop Tarts (Great American Things, May 28, 2009), buying a refrigerator, or playing Little League baseball (Great American Things, July 26, 2009), Brian brings out the funny side of life.

It’s silly to try to describe comedy, especially when you can see it. So here are some of his best bits available on YouTube:

2 responses to “Person: Brian Regan

  1. Hilarious! One of the best.

  2. Geez, I was getting ready to do some work and then I saw this…

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