Americana: Craftsman Tools

Beat up? Nah. Just broken in good. Uploaded by

Beat up? Nah. Just broken in good. Uploaded by

Name all the things you can think of that come with a lifetime warranty. I’m sure there must be some, but only one comes instantly to mind: Craftsman hand tools.

Uploaded to Flickr by tanminivan.

Uploaded to Flickr by tanminivan.

Sears introduced the Craftsman line in 1927. Any covered tool (and there are a few that aren’t) can be returned to the retail store for repair or replacement. This is the warranty: “If any Craftsman guaranteed forever hand tool fails to provide complete satisfaction, return it for free repair or replacement.” Obviously, this statement was developed before lawyers got involved.

Sears sells a broad line – several lines, actually – under the Craftsman name. Hand tools, power tools, lawn and garden products, tool and garage storage, and shop equipment all bear the 82-year-old brand name.

This is one area in which Sears has always excelled. What evidence supports such a claim? Well, the readers of Popular Mechanics chose Craftsman as their favorite hand tools in their Readers Choice Awards. That’s a quite demanding group. And Harris Interactive surveys found that Craftsman was the most trusted brand among men (2002) and was America’s most trusted brand (2007).


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  1. I have several complete sets of craftsman tools. I have had several that broke, but were replaced whenever I got to the store to exchange them. It didn’t even matter that I didn’t have a receipt anymore! Awesome!

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